Being a Surrogate Mother

What is a surrogate mother? If you decide being a surrogate mother, your role will be to help to build a family, and this is truly priceless.  You and your intended parents must build a relationship based on individual respect, dignity and care each party deserve.


Surrogacy procedures normally require that the surrogate mother to pass a medical screener and a psychological assessment, need the surrogate to be at least 18 or 21 depending on the Country and State where surrogacy is pursued and require the intended parents to agree to accept any resulting child, regardless of any impairment the child may have.

Although these requests may be a bit different between surrogacy agencies and countries , most surrogacy specialists ask that the potential gestational carrier would have had minimum one uncomplicated pregnancy and delivery and have also one kid living at home, have no history of drugs or alcohol abuse in her family as well as no family records of genetic , psychological or medical issues, be living in a stable home (most intended parents prefer with a helpful boyfriend, spouse or partner to have a good support network) and have medical insurance that will cover the pregnancy.

As explained before, every surrogate mother needs to pass a carefully screener , and agencies normally  will have control over what couple surrogates work with during the surrogacy journey, because it´s important to finding compatible matches (intended parents and surrogate mothers) that do for the best potential journey for all the parties involved in this surrogacy process.

Being a surrogate is a gift for couples or people who cannot have children. Some surrogates say that they have waited a long time to make the choice to go ahead and being a surrogate mother but that they become really happy and even cry when they found out we were pregnant, the first time they watch the kid in the ultrasound with the intended parents was a magic moment, the times and talks they spend with intended parents throughout the pregnancy and of course the day where they are able to meet the baby they carried. It´s an amazing adventure for a surrogate mother that all woman deserve to have the possibility  to choose. When a woman decides to become a gestational carrier (also an egg donor) it was out of her personal passion to be pregnant and have children of her own.

Counseling and advise for the surrogate mother is performed by surrogacy specialists so she has a clear understanding of the psychological issues related to the process of surrogacy journey, including handling a relationship with the expectant parents, managing with attachment problems due to the pregnancy, and coping with the impact of surrogacy on her own life, at work, at home, with her husband or partner

A surrogate must be willing to pass a deep medical screener, a criminal background analysis on her and her partner,  fill out a full health questionnaire, a psychological assessment and probably a home visit led by the surrogacy agency and sometimes for the intended parents.

For intended parents is not easy to find surrogate mothers but being a surrogate mother is not an simple decision.

One very important part of the surrogacy journey, that the surrogate mother doesn´t have to forget is the contract part. A surrogate mother needs to make sure that the agreement include topics such as the amount of reimbursement the gestational carrier will receive, who will be responsible for paying medical and psychological expenses, what will occur in the case of twins or triplets, what will occur if the surrogate mother or the intended parents wants to terminate the pregnancy in the middle, and what will occur if a miscarriage happens. All those details will be negotiated in put a written contract with your surrogate.

Surrogacy is a gift! Thanks to all the surrogate mothers that decide being a surrogate mother and to help other intended parents!! Tank you

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