How much does a surrogate mother cost?

In surrogacy, a woman, called as a surrogate mother or carrier, help other people to become parents carrying their  baby, usually as a result of the woman cannot conceive or carry a being pregnant to time period. Same sex couples or sinlges could also use a surrogate mother to be parents.

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There are two different kind of surrogacy: The primary is known as traditional surrogacy. In traditional surrogacy, the surrogate is inseminated with sperm and this sperm which fertilizes her own eggs. The sperm used can be come from the intended parents or a sperm donor can be used. As the surrogate mother uses her own eggs, the kid is biologically connected to the surrogate. The second option of surrogacy is called gestational surrogacy. In gestational surrogacy, an embryo is transferred to the surrogate, which may come from the supposed dad and mom or from donors. In gestational surrogacy, the surrogate’s eggs are not used to create the embryos so there is no link with the kid.

The costs of surrogate mother and egg donor can vary depending on the Country / State you choose to take your surrogacy journey in.  Also they changes depending if a surrogacy agency  is used by the intended parentes to find surrogate mother.

The process of choosing a surrogate or intended parents is neither a transaction nor a one way conversation but rather something more personal where both parties have the opportunity to get to know each other first before making any decisions. Intended parents and their surrogate should have things in common, after all one cannot only talk about pregnancy and reimbursement for one year.

If you decide to become a surrogate mother, you need to know that normally surrogacy contracts are no legal in all the States of United States, some States do not recognize them as valid, and each state has their own laws that apply (you need to check with your lawyer).

Intended parents will take care of the surrogacy agency fee, this fee includes psychological assessment of the gestational carrier, criminal background check of surrogate, review of surrogate mothers’s insurance policy and referral to fertility/family lawyers qualified in reproductive law, coordination of the medical the In Vitro Ferlization process and finally the  surrogate support throughout all the surrogacy journey

Also, Intended parents are usually required to reimburse compensation for the surrogate mother’s pregnancy and birth of a healthy child, preparation of all necessary documents for the registration of the child and registration themselves as legal biological parents, as well as additional compensation for the restoration of health after pregnancy and childbirth

How much does a surrogate mother cost?

Surrogate mother is compensated lost wages, surrogacy related doctor’s appointment (i.e screener or embryo transfer), bedrest and post-delivery recovery time up to the earlier of either 6 weeks post-delivery or when gestational carrier is medically cleared to return to her daily work

Helping other people to have their own children can be very satisfying on its own along with the financial compensation a surrogate mother receives during her surrogacy journey.

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