Surrogacy and Surrogate Mother Cost

How much does surrogacy cost? How much does a surrogate mother cost? How much surrogacy is? What are the expenses during a surrogacy process? How much does surrogacy cost if you have a surrogate? How much does surrogacy cost with a family member?


These sorts of concerns are the first ones for every Intended Parent when they start surrogacy journey.

It´s essential to know there are a lot of factors that vary the final amount of your surrogacy process, are you going to purse gestational surrogacy or traditional surrogacy? Are you going to look for altruistic surrogate or you are going to pursue commercial surrogacy? Are you going to use a surrogacy agency  to support you during all the process?

One of the first decisions you should do is if you are going to use a surrogacy agency or you are going to work without one. Normally a surrogacy agency will support you to find a surrogate mother, to introduce a family lawyer, to find a fertility clinic, to manage the appointments of your surrogate, etc… they will support during all the surrogacy process.

Surrogacy cost can be break down in tree main groups: surrogacy professional costs (agency and or lawyer), medical cost (associated with the IVF treatment) and surrogate mother cost (i.e travel expenses, housekeeping, life insurance, etc). Usually, medical costs are a significant part of the whole process.

You should note that medical expenses can be quite variable and they will depend on the surrogate’s insurance situation and the medical procedures required during the fertility treatment and pregnancy, for example number of IVF cycles needed to achieve the pregnancy, if a C-Section is needed, etcetera

The number of embryos transferred to the surrogate can affect the final surrogacy cost, because with twins of triples the probabilities of bed rest for the surrogate are increased, also the risk of have a premature birth what can increase the medical cost post-birth.

In conclusion, it’s not possible to have a fix surrogacy budget, in general the expenses can vary a lot depending on different factors, including individual circumstances of surrogate mother and intended parents or if an egg donor will be needed and the different choices you will make during you surrogacy journey.


To learn a bit more about surrogacy cost and surrogate mother cost you can visit the following youtube video