LGTB Surrogacy

If you are looking to start a family and you are a same-sex couple, the process can be a bit more challenging and complex than for a heterosexual couple. However, there are different options in the world today that will make possible for you to start a family even if you are same sex couple.

LGTB Surrogacy

Many same-sex couples are looking forward to growing their familie and surrogacy can be an option for members of the LGBT community , indeed lesbian and gay surrogacy has become day by day more common.

Surrogacy journey is quite similar for same-sex couples and individuals than for any other intended parent, however there are some factors to consider.

1- Chose who will be genetically related to the babay

2- Decide if you will use a known or anonymous egg/sperm donor

Once these important decisions have been made you should be able to continue with the surrogacy journey as any other couple would.

If you are a gay couple, there are two types of surrogacy that you can pursue, traditional and gestational surrogacy. If you decided to follow traditional surrogacy, the eggs will come from the surrogate, and artificial insemination will be used. Also you can decide to pursue gestational surrogacy, in this case you will need to find an egg donor and the fertilization will be done via IFV process.

If you are a lesbian couple probably the most convenient surrogacy process for you will be the gestational surrogacy, so you can use your own eggs. However, you will have to choose a sperm donor for the fertilization to take place.

Main steps of a surrogacy process for same sex couples

  • Choose the country where you are going to pursue the surrogacy process

It´s important to know that not all the countries where surrogacy is allowed are LGTB friendly, so before moving ahead, it´s important to learn about the different surrogacy laws by country.

Two countries where LGTB surrogacy is allowed is Canada and US.

Also, you should know that the cost of your surrogacy journey will vary depending on the country

  • Choose a fertility center

There are different centers that you can choose. Take time to research on the different types of fertility clinics in your area. The fertility clinic that you choose should be able to give the information about the surrogacy process.

They will also help you to know about the different medical tests that you (and the surrogate) need to take for the process to be successful.

  • Find an egg or sperm donor

You need to choose a fertility center that will help you choose a suitable egg donors. There are women who volunteer to be egg donors. There is a thorough screening process when it comes to the egg donors. You need to however take time to review the paper work of the screening process. You will be asked about the sperm donor to be used in the fertilization process.

For the lesbian couples, you will have to look for a sperm donor. Once the sperm and the egg are present, the fertilization is done in a lab dish and then the embryo is transferred to the surrogate mother (IVF treatment). If it is artificial insemination, the sperm is injected to the surrogate mother.

  • Find a surrogate mother

Keep in mind that at times, the egg donor may not be your surrogate (as in gestational surrogacy). You will therefore need to choose a surrogate mother to carry your baby. You can use a surrogacy agency to find a surrogate mother in Canada and USA or you can try to find her on your own.

Find Surrogate Mother

  • Finda an attorney

You need to use an attorney to draft the surrogacy contract between you and the surrogate mother. Your lawyer will advise also you about the local surrogacy regulation.

You can become true your dream of becoming parents via surrogacy!!!!!!