How to find surrogate mother in Canada

If you want to find a surrogate mother in Canada you need to know that since surrogacy is altruistic in Canada (any commercial surrogacy agreement is prohibited in Canada), there is a shortage of surrogates in this country, what it makes that this phase (find surrogate mother in Canada) takes time and patience nevertheless pursuing surrogacy in Canada is a viable option

Surrogacy in Canada still quite new but there is a clear regulation in place that help intended parents, surrogates mothers and egg donors to protect their rights (same sex surrogacy is also allowed)


The entire surrogacy process in Canada is quite similar to what is required in the United States.

1 Decide if you are going to go independent or you are going to hire a surrogacy agency to find surrogate mother (and egg donor if needed). Previously, you would have to learn about the different forms of surrogacy.

If you decided to go without an agency, the biggest obstacle would be finding a surrogate in Canada, but there are forums online and Facebook groups that can help you. If you decide to work with an agency normally a first free consultation is offered. You must know that surrogacy agencies charge various fees for their services, and this would be additional to the medical costs, the legal costs and surrogacy reimbursement.

2 Choose a fertility clinic: One important step is finding an IVF clinic that do surrogacy procedures. The more reputable clinics for surrogacy procedures are: Create IVF (in Ontario), Repromed (in Ontario) and Victoria Fertility Centre (in British Colombia). Before choosing your clinic, t is important to check with them if there are any restrictions. Also you need to learn about the medical screening the intended parents and the surrogate need to pass, normally clinics have standard procedures

3 Get in contact with a fertility lawyer in Canada to learn about regulation and requirements. In Canada, both intended parents and the surrogate mother need to have independent legal advice

4 Draft the surrogacy arrangement. Once the surrogate mother and intended parents have passed the screening it’s time to draft the surrogacy agreement.

5 IVF procedures. Except it the embryos have been created previously, the medical procedure will have the following phases: egg retrieval, fertilization and transfers to the surrogate mother.

The Canadian health system cover the general heath cost of the surrogate mothers however the IVF procedures need to be paid for by the IPs.

6 Once the baby is born, get the Declaration of Parentage and birth certificate.

In the months previous to the birth, a Canadian attorney will initiate the paperwork to apply for a Declaration of Parentage. This application takes place in the provincial court where the surrogate mother lives and the baby is born. This process changes varies from province to province.

When the baby is born he will get the Canadian citizenship and can a Canadian passport after parentage has been established based on a Declaration of Parentage court order.

Learn more about laws about surrogacy in Canada here

Surrogacy in Canada