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Whether you are a surrogate mother, egg donor, sperm donor or intended parent if you start a surrogacy or donation process is very important you get in contact with an attorney expert in third party reproduction.

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An ART lawyer will guide you through the whole process!


By the way, do you know what ART stands for?

ART is Assisted Reproductive technologies more info:  https://medlineplus.gov/assistedreproductivetechnology.html

Surrogate Mother Requirements

Whether you are considering becoming surrogate mother and want to help others become their dream of parenthood true, or you want to grow your family via a surrogacy process, you need to know that there are some common requirements for surrogate mothers.

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Surrogacy, Hospitals and NICU

Where the surrogate mother is going to deliver your baby is a very delicate topic that you should talk with her from the beginning. There are surrogate mother that want to have a natural delivery at home, other that wish to do it in a midwifery and not in an hospital because it´s more comfortable for them. This is an important topic that sometimes is not discussed in advance and that can create a lot of anxiety afterwards.

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Sometimes the surrogate mother lives near a smaller community hospital with a nice L&D unit but no NICU and the nearest NICU (level 4) is an hour away. What you can do? Many Intended Parents consider in-house NICU non-negotiable, even if the pregnancy is singleton and there’s no apparent increased risk. Why is this? Abundance of caution coupled with many Intended Parents having histories of trauma or loss? Or concern for increased risk of complications with IVF pregnancies? Basically – is it an emotional decision, or one supported by numbers?

Some agencies put in their contracts that all surrogate mothers deliver at a hospital with a NICU – not up for discussion but sometimes it´s up to the intended parents and even it can be  an emotional decision because sometimes  it is not based on statistics or data. Intended parents feel like everything that could have gone wrong in the past few years has gone wrong, and that scares them. They want to have every protection in place in case something unexpected happens. It’s their way of protecting their baby.

Although it can be emotional decisions you need to think about quick transfer capabilities between hospital and what that really means (time to make the decision, get the flight crew dispatched to the room, load the baby on the ambulance, sign off on paperwork, etcetera) , you need to know that the idea that the decision is made and suddenly you are in the air and your child is where they need to be perhaps is not 100% accurate.

Discuss openly this subject with your surrogate mother and ensure both are on the same page.

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How to find surrogate mother in Canada

If you want to find a surrogate mother in Canada you need to know that since surrogacy is altruistic in Canada (any commercial surrogacy agreement is prohibited in Canada), there is a shortage of surrogates in this country, what it makes that this phase (find surrogate mother in Canada) takes time and patience nevertheless pursuing surrogacy in Canada is a viable option

Surrogacy in Canada still quite new but there is a clear regulation in place that help intended parents, surrogates mothers and egg donors to protect their rights (same sex surrogacy is also allowed)


The entire surrogacy process in Canada is quite similar to what is required in the United States.

1 Decide if you are going to go independent or you are going to hire a surrogacy agency to find surrogate mother (and egg donor if needed). Previously, you would have to learn about the different forms of surrogacy.

If you decided to go without an agency, the biggest obstacle would be finding a surrogate in Canada, but there are forums online and Facebook groups that can help you. If you decide to work with an agency normally a first free consultation is offered. You must know that surrogacy agencies charge various fees for their services, and this would be additional to the medical costs, the legal costs and surrogacy reimbursement.

2 Choose a fertility clinic: One important step is finding an IVF clinic that do surrogacy procedures. The more reputable clinics for surrogacy procedures are: Create IVF (in Ontario), Repromed (in Ontario) and Victoria Fertility Centre (in British Colombia). Before choosing your clinic, t is important to check with them if there are any restrictions. Also you need to learn about the medical screening the intended parents and the surrogate need to pass, normally clinics have standard procedures

3 Get in contact with a fertility lawyer in Canada to learn about regulation and requirements. In Canada, both intended parents and the surrogate mother need to have independent legal advice

4 Draft the surrogacy arrangement. Once the surrogate mother and intended parents have passed the screening it’s time to draft the surrogacy agreement.

5 IVF procedures. Except it the embryos have been created previously, the medical procedure will have the following phases: egg retrieval, fertilization and transfers to the surrogate mother.

The Canadian health system cover the general heath cost of the surrogate mothers however the IVF procedures need to be paid for by the IPs.

6 Once the baby is born, get the Declaration of Parentage and birth certificate.

In the months previous to the birth, a Canadian attorney will initiate the paperwork to apply for a Declaration of Parentage. This application takes place in the provincial court where the surrogate mother lives and the baby is born. This process changes varies from province to province.

When the baby is born he will get the Canadian citizenship and can a Canadian passport after parentage has been established based on a Declaration of Parentage court order.

Learn more about laws about surrogacy in Canada here

Surrogacy in Canada

LGTB Surrogacy

If you are looking to start a family and you are a same-sex couple, the process can be a bit more challenging and complex than for a heterosexual couple. However, there are different options in the world today that will make possible for you to start a family even if you are same sex couple.

LGTB Surrogacy

Many same-sex couples are looking forward to growing their familie and surrogacy can be an option for members of the LGBT community , indeed lesbian and gay surrogacy has become day by day more common.

Surrogacy journey is quite similar for same-sex couples and individuals than for any other intended parent, however there are some factors to consider.

1- Chose who will be genetically related to the babay

2- Decide if you will use a known or anonymous egg/sperm donor

Once these important decisions have been made you should be able to continue with the surrogacy journey as any other couple would.

If you are a gay couple, there are two types of surrogacy that you can pursue, traditional and gestational surrogacy. If you decided to follow traditional surrogacy, the eggs will come from the surrogate, and artificial insemination will be used. Also you can decide to pursue gestational surrogacy, in this case you will need to find an egg donor and the fertilization will be done via IFV process.

If you are a lesbian couple probably the most convenient surrogacy process for you will be the gestational surrogacy, so you can use your own eggs. However, you will have to choose a sperm donor for the fertilization to take place.

Main steps of a surrogacy process for same sex couples

  • Choose the country where you are going to pursue the surrogacy process

It´s important to know that not all the countries where surrogacy is allowed are LGTB friendly, so before moving ahead, it´s important to learn about the different surrogacy laws by country.

Two countries where LGTB surrogacy is allowed is Canada and US.

Also, you should know that the cost of your surrogacy journey will vary depending on the country

  • Choose a fertility center

There are different centers that you can choose. Take time to research on the different types of fertility clinics in your area. The fertility clinic that you choose should be able to give the information about the surrogacy process.

They will also help you to know about the different medical tests that you (and the surrogate) need to take for the process to be successful.

  • Find an egg or sperm donor

You need to choose a fertility center that will help you choose a suitable egg donors. There are women who volunteer to be egg donors. There is a thorough screening process when it comes to the egg donors. You need to however take time to review the paper work of the screening process. You will be asked about the sperm donor to be used in the fertilization process.

For the lesbian couples, you will have to look for a sperm donor. Once the sperm and the egg are present, the fertilization is done in a lab dish and then the embryo is transferred to the surrogate mother (IVF treatment). If it is artificial insemination, the sperm is injected to the surrogate mother.

  • Find a surrogate mother

Keep in mind that at times, the egg donor may not be your surrogate (as in gestational surrogacy). You will therefore need to choose a surrogate mother to carry your baby. You can use a surrogacy agency to find a surrogate mother in Canada and USA or you can try to find her on your own.

Find Surrogate Mother

  • Finda an attorney

You need to use an attorney to draft the surrogacy contract between you and the surrogate mother. Your lawyer will advise also you about the local surrogacy regulation.

You can become true your dream of becoming parents via surrogacy!!!!!!


Surrogacy and Surrogate Mother Cost

How much does surrogacy cost? How much does a surrogate mother cost? How much surrogacy is? What are the expenses during a surrogacy process? How much does surrogacy cost if you have a surrogate? How much does surrogacy cost with a family member?


These sorts of concerns are the first ones for every Intended Parent when they start surrogacy journey.

It´s essential to know there are a lot of factors that vary the final amount of your surrogacy process, are you going to purse gestational surrogacy or traditional surrogacy? Are you going to look for altruistic surrogate or you are going to pursue commercial surrogacy? Are you going to use a surrogacy agency  to support you during all the process?

One of the first decisions you should do is if you are going to use a surrogacy agency or you are going to work without one. Normally a surrogacy agency will support you to find a surrogate mother, to introduce a family lawyer, to find a fertility clinic, to manage the appointments of your surrogate, etc… they will support during all the surrogacy process.

Surrogacy cost can be break down in tree main groups: surrogacy professional costs (agency and or lawyer), medical cost (associated with the IVF treatment) and surrogate mother cost (i.e travel expenses, housekeeping, life insurance, etc). Usually, medical costs are a significant part of the whole process.

You should note that medical expenses can be quite variable and they will depend on the surrogate’s insurance situation and the medical procedures required during the fertility treatment and pregnancy, for example number of IVF cycles needed to achieve the pregnancy, if a C-Section is needed, etcetera

The number of embryos transferred to the surrogate can affect the final surrogacy cost, because with twins of triples the probabilities of bed rest for the surrogate are increased, also the risk of have a premature birth what can increase the medical cost post-birth.

In conclusion, it’s not possible to have a fix surrogacy budget, in general the expenses can vary a lot depending on different factors, including individual circumstances of surrogate mother and intended parents or if an egg donor will be needed and the different choices you will make during you surrogacy journey.


To learn a bit more about surrogacy cost and surrogate mother cost you can visit the following youtube video

How much does a surrogate mother cost?

In surrogacy, a woman, called as a surrogate mother or carrier, help other people to become parents carrying their  baby, usually as a result of the woman cannot conceive or carry a being pregnant to time period. Same sex couples or sinlges could also use a surrogate mother to be parents.

surrogate mother

There are two different kind of surrogacy: The primary is known as traditional surrogacy. In traditional surrogacy, the surrogate is inseminated with sperm and this sperm which fertilizes her own eggs. The sperm used can be come from the intended parents or a sperm donor can be used. As the surrogate mother uses her own eggs, the kid is biologically connected to the surrogate. The second option of surrogacy is called gestational surrogacy. In gestational surrogacy, an embryo is transferred to the surrogate, which may come from the supposed dad and mom or from donors. In gestational surrogacy, the surrogate’s eggs are not used to create the embryos so there is no link with the kid.

The costs of surrogate mother and egg donor can vary depending on the Country / State you choose to take your surrogacy journey in.  Also they changes depending if a surrogacy agency  is used by the intended parentes to find surrogate mother.

The process of choosing a surrogate or intended parents is neither a transaction nor a one way conversation but rather something more personal where both parties have the opportunity to get to know each other first before making any decisions. Intended parents and their surrogate should have things in common, after all one cannot only talk about pregnancy and reimbursement for one year.

If you decide to become a surrogate mother, you need to know that normally surrogacy contracts are no legal in all the States of United States, some States do not recognize them as valid, and each state has their own laws that apply (you need to check with your lawyer).

Intended parents will take care of the surrogacy agency fee, this fee includes psychological assessment of the gestational carrier, criminal background check of surrogate, review of surrogate mothers’s insurance policy and referral to fertility/family lawyers qualified in reproductive law, coordination of the medical the In Vitro Ferlization process and finally the  surrogate support throughout all the surrogacy journey

Also, Intended parents are usually required to reimburse compensation for the surrogate mother’s pregnancy and birth of a healthy child, preparation of all necessary documents for the registration of the child and registration themselves as legal biological parents, as well as additional compensation for the restoration of health after pregnancy and childbirth

How much does a surrogate mother cost?

Surrogate mother is compensated lost wages, surrogacy related doctor’s appointment (i.e screener or embryo transfer), bedrest and post-delivery recovery time up to the earlier of either 6 weeks post-delivery or when gestational carrier is medically cleared to return to her daily work

Helping other people to have their own children can be very satisfying on its own along with the financial compensation a surrogate mother receives during her surrogacy journey.

find surrogate mother

For more info about surrogate mother cost you can visit the following video.

Being a Surrogate Mother

What is a surrogate mother? If you decide being a surrogate mother, your role will be to help to build a family, and this is truly priceless.  You and your intended parents must build a relationship based on individual respect, dignity and care each party deserve.


Surrogacy procedures normally require that the surrogate mother to pass a medical screener and a psychological assessment, need the surrogate to be at least 18 or 21 depending on the Country and State where surrogacy is pursued and require the intended parents to agree to accept any resulting child, regardless of any impairment the child may have.

Although these requests may be a bit different between surrogacy agencies and countries , most surrogacy specialists ask that the potential gestational carrier would have had minimum one uncomplicated pregnancy and delivery and have also one kid living at home, have no history of drugs or alcohol abuse in her family as well as no family records of genetic , psychological or medical issues, be living in a stable home (most intended parents prefer with a helpful boyfriend, spouse or partner to have a good support network) and have medical insurance that will cover the pregnancy.

As explained before, every surrogate mother needs to pass a carefully screener , and agencies normally  will have control over what couple surrogates work with during the surrogacy journey, because it´s important to finding compatible matches (intended parents and surrogate mothers) that do for the best potential journey for all the parties involved in this surrogacy process.

Being a surrogate is a gift for couples or people who cannot have children. Some surrogates say that they have waited a long time to make the choice to go ahead and being a surrogate mother but that they become really happy and even cry when they found out we were pregnant, the first time they watch the kid in the ultrasound with the intended parents was a magic moment, the times and talks they spend with intended parents throughout the pregnancy and of course the day where they are able to meet the baby they carried. It´s an amazing adventure for a surrogate mother that all woman deserve to have the possibility  to choose. When a woman decides to become a gestational carrier (also an egg donor) it was out of her personal passion to be pregnant and have children of her own.

Counseling and advise for the surrogate mother is performed by surrogacy specialists so she has a clear understanding of the psychological issues related to the process of surrogacy journey, including handling a relationship with the expectant parents, managing with attachment problems due to the pregnancy, and coping with the impact of surrogacy on her own life, at work, at home, with her husband or partner

A surrogate must be willing to pass a deep medical screener, a criminal background analysis on her and her partner,  fill out a full health questionnaire, a psychological assessment and probably a home visit led by the surrogacy agency and sometimes for the intended parents.

For intended parents is not easy to find surrogate mothers but being a surrogate mother is not an simple decision.

One very important part of the surrogacy journey, that the surrogate mother doesn´t have to forget is the contract part. A surrogate mother needs to make sure that the agreement include topics such as the amount of reimbursement the gestational carrier will receive, who will be responsible for paying medical and psychological expenses, what will occur in the case of twins or triplets, what will occur if the surrogate mother or the intended parents wants to terminate the pregnancy in the middle, and what will occur if a miscarriage happens. All those details will be negotiated in put a written contract with your surrogate.

Surrogacy is a gift! Thanks to all the surrogate mothers that decide being a surrogate mother and to help other intended parents!! Tank you

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